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You left your little hometown two weeks ago. Your job was too cramped and didn’t pay enough, your roommate was obnoxious and had a bizarre obsession with collecting animal teeth, and your family, well. Let’s just say they didn’t like you anymore than you liked them. Something had to change, and so one night you packed up your few belongings into a cart and set off to find someplace new to call home.

You’d passed through many towns along the way, most of which looked to be in no better shape than your own, so you decided best not to linger long. A kind-hearted elderly woman with a carriage and a pair of well-groomed horses offers to give you a ride to the next town. “It’s a bit nippy out, and Verylsville is out yet another three hours. I’m headed that way meself iffin you’d like a ride.”

Skeptically, you reply, “What’ll it cost me, m’lady?”

“Oh darlin’, not a thing,” she says, waving her hands in exasperation. “I’ve been where you are and it ain’t glamour and roses. I’d wish’t someone woulda helped meself out when I was a wee lass.”

You look around you at the town you’d stay in if you refused her offer. Three angry looking guards stand at the gate, but the houses and inns beyond are filled with light, and the chimneys billow smoke. Sure, there are at least four drunken bodies laid out in the street, and a screaming man waving a sword around at anyone who has the misfortune to walk past him, but maybe if you can get around all that, the beds of the inn will be welcoming and warm…. And won’t have bedbugs. Or cost you too much. You’re running low on coin from buying food the past three days, but if you sleep in the woman’s carriage on the way to Verylsville you won’t have to stay anywhere.

The woman waits expectantly. What do you do?