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Author’s Note: The assignment was to write a Shakespearean sonnet poem, meaning 14 lines, with 10 syllables per line. I was told others had written their poems about their love for their significant other, their passion for doughnuts, or even their hate for poetry itself. I wrote the only thing that came naturally to me 🙂 





And just in case you can’t read the mess that is my handwriting, here it is in print 🙂


“I was born a writer inside my blood

For deep within my soul these words have slept

In my brain a story begins to bud

Begging to be heard, listened to, and kept.

The pen flies madly across the paper

Too many thoughts and not near enough time

Although my motivation may soon taper

It is no excuse; instead it is crime.

My character’s story will soon be heard

Their journey splattered across this blank page

Out of the nothing this conflict was stirred

This literature of mine has no age.

For once a story is written, it’s true

Its lessons stain your skin like a tattoo.”