Author’s note: I don’t write a lot of poetry simply for the fact that I’m not good at rhyming *sweats nervously* but I hope you enjoy it. Or at the very least you don’t hate it 🙂 


Melancholy. Hollow. Pain. Emotions cold as freezing rain. Those who don’t know never will, and those who do are destined to kill

The knife was sharp, the gun was loaded, my aching heart, once whole, exploded

Blood and tears covered the floor, and life, for me, was never more

I saw and stared, could it be true? I met my fate at the hands of you

You smiled and gloated, pleased with your kill, and left me to rot, my body cold and still.

I watched this behind the invisible wall, where spirits lurk and demons crawl.

And then I heard a sudden wrapping, like someone on a door just tapping.

So, turning, I looked to the door on my right, and through it stood a fearsome sight.

This last goodbye would bring my end, for it was Death, my oldest friend.